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at the drive on san mateo bridge coming from hayward to foster city the tail lights are moving westbound and looking clear out there when you get to the high-rise. on the foster city side it is moving along swiftly. we have construction to get you out the door headed to san jose, and southbound 101 between bailey road and coyote creek drive we have a couple of lanes blocked because of bathing work until 5:00 a.m. and as you take a jump to the east bay the drive along four, southbound on-ramp to the eastbound 4 is going to be shut down until 7:00 a.m. and slow for the cone zone. >> new technology is credited with helping track down the boston marathon bombings and the role a bay area company in making the search go faster. >> where a lot of money is going building the new 49ers stadium in santa clara but first the america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, gas prices will continue to drop for another six weeks. y is likely for a gallon of regular unleaded. economists say crude oil prices and low consumption push the prices lower. online fundraising spases $1 million
the stall on the 92, san mateo bridge, approaching foster city. they have it off to the side. as you can see, traffic is moving smoothly there, you can seat yellows and the oranges indicating slow-going at foster city boulevard again off of the san mateo brinl. they have it off to the side now. another accident on 580 has one lane blocked approaching castro valley at the boulevard. slow-going and the roadway flooded as you get through the tunnel. headed eastbound. folks are slowing there because of water on the roadway. that will be the case through the most of the morning. coming up in a little while. back to you. >>> tesla getting an even bigger presence on santana road this morning. in a matter of hours, the palo alto company will open its new and expanded showroom. the san jose store is three times larger than its old location. it will be located in the space previously held by burberry. >>> facebook saying it will make a big-time announcement. a lot of people talking smart phones. facebook announcing its own smart phone operating on the android system. details will be released at an eve
your own bag effort. kristi smith joining us live in foster city with more about this ban. kristi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this seems to be going pretty well. we're watching shoppers. sometimes they come running out because they forgot reusable bags in the trunk. saw one woman get a little upset because she had to pay for paper bags, but that's the way it goes starting today stores in a dozen cities will stop giving out plastic bags at smmts. if you don't bring a bag of your own, can you buy a paper bag, $0.10 apiece. sfr san francisco paid for environmental impact. they started education efforts. no more plastic in belmont, brisbane, daly city, half moon bay, menlo park, pacifica, san bruno and south san francisco. county officials say the reusable bags are just much better for the environment. one shopper she had she agreed after seeing them floating around in the breeze in her neighborhood. >> i saw a bag fly away. i like this idea. >> but you have to remember to bring all your bags when you shop. >> i put in the car. >> i think it's smart. i just think it's one
taken into custody at his home in foster city charged with selling officers an ak 47 assault rifle and a thompson style assault weapon. the task force says it found a dozen weapons after serving search warrants in foster city and another residence in san francisco. he remains free tonight on bail. >> new at 6:00 a san francisco academy faced closure this weekend may be safe for another school year. san francisco flex academy sent out a letter telling parents would it have to close because of an issue with the lease, we're told there may be a last minute deal to keep the school open another career year there, is a meeting with parents hope to share good news. >> foim thyme for spring cleaning. the annual pot hole blitz has begun. crews started today in north oakland on claremont avenue between cliffton and hudson streets. they're going focus on a different area each week ask will take nearly two months because the city has 800 miles of streets to maintain. crews expect to fill 3,000 pot holes this year. >> if you're planning a trip to muir beach you better go sooner than later, nati
assault weapons to under cover officers. steve bowman taken into custody at his home in foster city charged with selling officers an ak 47 assault rifle and a thompson style assault weapon. the task force says it found a dozen weapons after serving search warrants in foster city and another residence in san francisco. he remains free tonight on bail. >> new at 6:00 a san francisco academy faced closure this weekend may be safe for another school year. san francisco flex academy sent out a letter telling parents would it have to close because of an issue with the lease, we're told there may be a last minute deal to keep the school open another career year there, is a meeting with parents hope to share good news. >> foim thyme for spring cleaning. the annual pot hole blitz has begun. crews started today in north oakland on claremont avenue between clfton and hudson streets. they're going focus on a different area each week ask will take nearly two months because the city has 800 miles of streets to maintain. crews expect to fill 3,000 pot holes this year. >> if you're planning a trip
are moving away from hayward to foster city, the tail lights are moving along at top speed and at san rafael we still have a bit of construction and this is along southbound 101 between sir francis drake to the waldo tunnel two lanes are blocked. it will stay until 6:00 a.m. also looking at orange on this map and that is indicating where fog could possibly be affecting your commute so want out for that and a quick look at your drive along 4 from antioch to concord you are appear to the speeds in the westbound direction. >> 4:55. >> the negligent sued by mrs. jackson against the doctor seeking billions for those she blamed for anything my's -- the king of pop. the mother and children grime that doctor can road -- dr. conrad murray was not properly supervised. and another witness could be "prince" and his concert promoter was once a.e.g. and the legal team has requested prince's testimony. >> a super model saved her seven-year-old henry from drowning in hawaii. it happened while the family was vacationing in hawaii over the weekend. henry was sucked into a riptide along with two nannies. she a
at the san mateo bridge the drive from hayward to foster city is clear. not seeing any fog. what we are seeing is fog along the coast. first i want to tell you about construction. we do not have any accidents. just mostly construction and road closing. eastbound 580 between live more avenue and vasco you have intermittent lane blockages from one, two, or three lanes until 6:00 a.m. where we see fog that is along highway one to half moon bay into princeton. >> thank you, leyla. >> a bay area neighborhood that never sleeps allowing businesses to stay only 24/7. >> an off-duty bay area cop saves the day on way home from vacation. would he ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusts of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >> welcome back, at 4:41. palo alto could get a new elementary school to keep up with increas
serving as the chief of police of foster city's police department in 2004, when he retired. >>> president obama headed back to the nation's capitol this afternoon. the presidential motorcade wound through san francisco this morning, taking him to crissy field, where he headed to the two fund-raisers. he was greeted once again by opponents of the keystone pipeline from canada to the gulf coast. >> there are many possible leaks along the way that can pollute our water supply and our land, so it's really a very terrible idea. >> i came down to see the action. protesters were here with their big signs. i went and made by little hand sign. the president drove by. a lot of guns, a lot of security. >> the president left on air force one about 1:30 this afternoon after raising more than $3 million for the democratic congressional campaign committee. >>> a furious flyer at a hawaiian airport. see how a bay area police officer came to the rescue of a tsa agent who was attacked. >>> and in two minutes -- >> [ bleep ] >> the ship just hit the bridge. >> what the new report recommended to deal with
mateo bridge, traffic is moving smoothly making your way from hayward to foster city and the eastbound traffic is not showing any problems. we have some road closings getting picked up and southbound 101 or the golden gate bridge we had two laned shut down out there and it looks live c.h.p. is lifting the columns and all lanes should be open in a short time. in the east bay we are looking at the a 80 from the central valley and we are looking at top speeds, a little bit of company. into dublin/pleasanton. the highway 4 is looking nice and clear, a quick drive if you make it out of antioch and into concord. >> thank you, leyla gulen. you had a busy week. >> i did. i had the best weekend going to napa valley, up-and-down washington street, the weather was beautiful. it started out with drizzle and the clouds parted and it was magnificent. >> a little special lunch. >> a beautiful restaurant on washington street and it was a pleasure. i have to say, people are very smart when you go to wine country they hire the limousines which is the best way. if are going to wine tasting you want do ha
back to land in foster city. the woman was trapped in the mud just north of the san mateo bridge. a coast guard chopper had to airlift her out because the water was too shallow for a boat . she is doing okay tonight. >>> it felt like summer today. the temperatures were in the 80s around much of the bay area. want to check in with meteorologist sandhya patel with live doppler hd. any records today? >> no, temperatures go close, but upper 80sand low 90s are the records. the closest was livermore at 86. 86 in antioch and 74 in san francisco. santa rosa in the mid80s, 81 ukiah. you will notice san jose, 82. and even redwood city was a warm 85 degrees. as you check out live doppler 7hd, already seeing changes and not just high clouds, but seeing fog dropping the visibility in half moon bay to four miles at this hour. high definition emeryville camera looking out toward emeryville, and we do have some fog moving in. san francisco is 53 right now and san jose, 55 degrees. i will show you how mucatures ws temperatures will drop as we head into your thursday and what the weekend is lookin
francisco bay today. sky 7hd shows the response after she was brought back to land in foster city. the woman was trapped in the mud just north of the san mateo bridge. a coast guard chopper had to airlift her out because the water was too shallow for a boat . she is doing okay tonight. >>> it felt like summer today. the temperatures were in the 80s around much of the bay area. want to check in with meteorologist sandhya patel with live doppler hd. any records today? >> no, temperatures go close, but upper 80sand low 90s are the records. the closest was livermore at 86. 86 in antioch and 74 in san francisco. santa rosa in the mid80s, 81 ukiah. you will notice san jose, 82. and even redwood city was a warm 85 degrees. as you check out live doppler 7hd, already seeing changes and not just high clouds, but seeing fog dropping the visibility in half moon bay to four miles at this hour. high definition emeryville camera looking out toward emeryville, and we do have some fog moving in. san francisco is 53 right now and san jose, 55 degrees. i will show you how much the temperatures will drop as we
in the atmosphere. you may notice your lips are a little chapped and your hands a little dry there. foster city, the sun is setting and clear skies. cloud cover earlier that's now since moved out. in emeryville, looking back at san francisco, there's some white there. that's because we have the high clouds and marine layer that's constantly trying to build up at the coastline with winds at 40 miles per hour. down in san francisco, not too bad. as you get to the golden gate bridge, let's look at the forecast as we head throughout the next 12 hours and what to expect for tomorrow morning. the most fog right up the immediate coastline. throughout the day, cloud cover, temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s to start. most sun by the afternoon, back to the east bay and south bay, inland locations, temperatures in the mid-60s and most cloud cover by the coastline and even expecting partly cloudy skies for tomorrow. the future cast, san mateo, marin county, best chance of low clouds at 7:00 a.m. maybe a little bit back here for the east bay. as we advance this, the big difference for tomorrow compared
from hayward to foster city. we will look right new at your maze coming down from berkeley, a good drive there so not too many tail lights moving westbound along 80 on the bay bridge. another look at the east bay, the drive long 4 from antioch to pittsburg to conquered everything is running at top speeds but we have a major bart construction in san jose with the details coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. police in the south by are looking for a hit-and-run driver who injured an officer. it happened after a concert at h.p. pavilion before midnight. abc7 news reporter is live at the scene. >> we can say that the officer will be okay. the search is on for the person who hit him. it happened near this intersection with the san jose police saying the officer was directing traffic at 11:00 after a concert at the h.p. pavilion and a car pulled from a parking lot and struck the officer. he was rushed to the hospital. police say the hit-and-run driver may not have been a concert goer. (inaudible). >> he could have been involved by a burglary. (inaudible). >> he sped from the parking l
has a high wind advisory. traffic is loading upcoming from hayward into foster city. >> it is 4:41. >> in the hours after the boston attack, travel becomes a big challenge for thousands of passengers across the country, and what you can expect today. >> while you were sleeping san francisco police are fired on by a suspect during a high-speed chase. what led to the shooting is ahead. covering walnut creek, cam belt, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 4:44. the top story across the country this morning, live at finish line of the boston marathon where the explosions happened yesterday, three people are killed and more than 100 are injured and police and the f.b.i. investigating right now and we will bring you the latest coming up. >> in fact, in a few hours the f.b.i. is expected to hold a briefing into the bombings at the boston marathon. agents searched an apartment in the town of revere near boston but will not say what they are looking for or how the home is connected to the investigation. so far they don't have anyone in custody for the attack but the f.b.i. is trac
the hayward toll plaza over to foster city. we are looking at livermore to castro valley the traffic there on 580 the road sensors looking pretty good. again we are off to a decent start. hello steve. >> hi sal. >> happy friday. >> thank you. >>> first words i hear from pam cook this morning happy friday. yes, instead. clear skies. no westerly breeze has kicked in on the coast. there is a lot. i'll tell you once that breeze stops and we have easterly breeze 40s and 50s. system moving into the north gives us a pull back. but sunny and warm. but by the coast it will be a little cooler. sfo has had a westerly breeze. i've seen a little bit. no fog yet. i've been looking. 60s and 70s and 80s. about a 20-degree spread. slight cool down saturday but still nice. >> thank you. >>> oakland police are expanding their shot spotter system in north oakland. captain joiner helped to calibrate the system's audio sensors by firing shots into a bullet trap set up last night at a ball field. the captain says shots spotter sends officers the locations of the shooting and the number of shots fired withi
to be there for a while. traffic leaving foster city for hayward is a mess. i wouldn't recommend it. i would use the dumbarton bridge. westbound traffic slowing down. they were talking about trying to land a helicopter on the bridge and when all -- and they are gonna close all of the lanes when they do that. this is a big mess. take a look at our san mateo bridge camera showing traffic getting thicker by the minute. i would not use the san mateo bridge. again, dumbarton bridge, maybe the bay bridge. let's take a look. westbound, that's much better. in fact, it's become lighter. you might want to think about using this bridge to cross the bridge instead of the san mateo bridge. we'll let you know when the traffic son the san mateo bridge has improved. for now they are not recommending that as a route. >>> a lot of change in the weather forecast. we've gone to really, really hot and above average, average about 64 to 74. temperatures will slide below that. the wind which -- the wind which was northerly, finally turned and that's going to equal a much cooler pattern. 60s for some. 62. santa rosa do
jose but air quality not too bad. a much different picture here in foster city, no storm activity but you look toward the bottom of your screen, that' the marine layer. that's going to expand for tonight as it continues to move across san francisco. not too bad at the golden gate bridge tonight. visit ablth will be reduced tonight or tomorrow. hi pressure that produced all the heat is continuing to weaken and push off to the rights. it will again continue to enhance the fog up against the koes line so temperatures in the 50s an 60s. no beach weather coming our way through the next two days. also something of note, it's going to get a little windy across the coastline. so for tomorrow morning not just the coastline with the fog, but we'll have a tough time getting rid of it. i do think in san mateo and napa county will have the cloud cover for tomorrow afternoon. overall we'll start with 44 santa rosa, 50 in san jose an for tomorrow on your thursday, almost the weekend, temperatures will remain near average. that's the remarkable thing. even with the fog we'll have 74 in san jose.
and you can see clear skies. as we head off to the north and also across the peninsula, foster city, we turn it toward the coastline. there's the marine layer hugging the coastal mountains that will be back for tonight. up in san francisco, the camera lens has a few spots on it. that's from drizzle we had this morning. we are not going to be able to rule that out tomorrow for the forecast. the jet stream is poised to the north, across washington and oregon. the the conveyer belt or colder air looks to stay here for the next seven to ten days. it allows high pressure to build to the south for summer sizzle. if we can't get the rain in the forecast, you will like what's coming in the seven day. we are going to start off tomorrow morning with cloud cover in the north bay and the east bay, the peninsula and the coastline. not much expected for the south bay. we are going to see the cloud cover push back earlier with more expansive sunshine as well. let's get you into the forecast for tomorrow morning. mid-40s in the bay. 49 in the valley. daytime highs on friday go warmer. 75 in san jose. 7
exceptionally well. 4:36 this morning between hayward and foster city. only one road work item to mention. northbound 680 between south mission and north mission. approximately 6:00 this morning. average speed 64 miles per hour. westbound 580 so far just cruising through the livermore valley. back to you guys. >> thank you. today bart is expected to include new safety measures. better protect law abiding passengers as well as station agents. in san francisco this morning with more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bart police are really going to try and keep repeat offenders out of the train and off of bart station. addressing assembly bill 716. a new law to create a safer and cleaner bart environment. every officer will get a portable video camera. also looking at ways to change the door design to protect workers. this is part of bart's new strategy for improving safety. certain types of behavior still get a person banned from 30 days to a year. defacing property and urinating in public. has to be cited at least three times to be banned. other more serious crimes like as
they met him in foster city at his home and he offered to sell them a thousand rounds of ammunition among other things. bowman's home was searched. officers found a gun in his 3-year-old child's bedroom. he's been booked in the san mateo jail. >>> we set a few record high temperatures, temperatures in the 80s and 90s. closer to the coast line, we hit 77 degrees in san francisco, 65 for dale city, but away from the coast line, it was 90 for inland valley, 90s in sunny valley, 95 in napaa all registering new high temperatures. the big concern going forward will be the wind. wind pick up tomorrow that plus the hot temperatures equaling high fire danger for tomorrow and wednesday. >> we'll continue the warming trend through the rest of the week. i'll tell you more coming up. >>> the hot windy weather has officials concerned. >> contra costa, alameda, and san mateo. there have been grasp fires pop grass fires popping up. that will be in effect from 6 p.m. tuesday through 6 p.m. on wednesday. >>> beta breakers, it is now just 20 days away. new security measures in the wake of the boston maratho
mateo bridge headed out of hayward to foster city, it is moving clear. we do not have crashes. no construction at this hour. only at toll plaza. that is where you could see a few delays because of the installation of automatic toll plaza. at the map, in the city, in san francisco, if you are headed northbound along 101 between 80 and mission street we have a couple of lanes blocks until 5:00 a.m. in the east bay, if you are driving along highway four eastbound side we also have one lane blocked which means one lane stays open and that is until 6:00 a.m. >> we are in the middle of the first heat of the season and the warning firefighters want everyone to hear. >> how much water officials plan to raise your rates ahead. >> surveillance video that police want you to covering fremont and north bay and palo alto, this is abc7 news. >> 4:43. developing news in pittsburg with a possible new lead in the search for a kidnapping suspect. surveillance video shows an s.u.v. in the area of the kidnapping minutes before it happened and they believe it could be connected or it could belong t
and dumbar bridges. slowing again, light volume of traffic. let me show you what we're talking about. foster city side off the san mateo high rise. light traffic here. camera is shaking a tad bit. you might get a gust or two. so far not really a problem as far as chp is concerned. back to you. >> mike, you know this one. if you don't have any business around candlestick tonight, you may want to stay away. tens of thousands of people expected to be at the park for a soccer match between mexico and peru. that game, for the record, starts at 8:00 this evening. >>> this week, san francisco is honoring some of the survivors from the great earthquake in san francisco of 1906. one of the survivors, 107-year-old winnie hook, will be joined by several public figures, including mayor ed lee at the city's annual parade. it begins at the western st. francis hotel. they'll head down palo street before the annual private dinner for survivors. and tomorrow at 5:12 am, a gathering will be held on market street to commemorate the exact moment when that quake struck. >>> 4:40 right now. coming up, a popular b
and westbound between hayward to foster city we do not have any accidents. a beautiful drive out there and now a quick, quick look at your travel times and we are looking at top speeds on 880 and 101. leyla gulen? >> thank you. good news for teams and college students and summer jobs. the business report is coming up. >> your chance to own a part of san francisco history: the story san francisco history: the story behind this gorgeous home and at a dry cleaner, san francisco history: the story behind this gorgeous home and we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. behaves like the surface of your skin. now watch what soap does to it. ♪ soap strips your skin. dove is different. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove doesn't strip your skin like soap. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka s
and foster city. we still have lots of construction but no crashes. that is what we like to report. the map shows all this orange, and fog could be affecting the roadways and could affect your drive so just to let you know we have construction northbound 101 between san antonio it is blocked slightly out of san rafael and southbound 101 we have one lane blocked at mount tamalpais drive and sir francis drake. >> hillary clinton appears for the first time since stepping down as secretary of state and an effort underway to get her to run for president. >> michael jackson's doctor speaks out from prison and a claim he is making of his role in the pop singer's >> los altos, petaluma, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone, thanks for joining us. just turned 5:12 on wednesday morning. this is a live picture from the roof camera with the embarcardero in the foreground and bay bridge in the background. it is 54 in san francisco. mike nicco will have the full forecast and leyla gulen with the traffic to let you know where the fog is the worst. >> hillary clinton is back in th
of the san mateo bridge the drive from hayward to foster city a few extra tail lights making the drive to the high-rise and it remained clear as you continue in the westbound direction and today is earth day is share the ride and reduce our carbon footprint and in san jose we have a problem out here, a stalled car, southbound along 280, it is blocking one labor but so far, so good and not causing any delay. in gilroy, we have a report of a power outage that could affect your traffic lights so if you are going to be in the gilroy area make sure the traffic lights could be turned into four-way stops out there. >> it is 5:20. netflix could be ready to crackdown on millions who use the service for free. bloomberg businessort sta ahead the. >> an art show getting a revival in the north bay. a close call for a florida boy. >> today on "katie" we are not going to take it anymore! solutions to deal with the people driving you nuts. croods." that's "america's money." i'm diana perez. have a great day, everyone. e'll. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [
in the south bay. foster city, there's the marine layer. we will let you know when it moves in and out and about 90s in the seven day. >>> one day after governor brown threatened opponents of a school funding bill with the battle of their lives democrats answered back with their own proposal. democrats say they agree with brown's idea of putting more money to low-income schools, but are concerned the plan won't help all of the students who need the help. the debate centers over $2 billion of funding that brown wants to put to schools with high numbers of low-income kids. they argue it may leave out more low-income kids that live in affluent districts so they money the money to be spread around. >> the money should follow the students. that's our principal. >> he says considering the budget issues the legislature has dealt with over the last couple of years this should be smoother. >>> while semester over. on may 31st, robert berg know will go from chancellor to campus physics professor. after nine years at the helm of one of the most prestigious posts he is stepping down. he had three
foster city. drive time 14 or 15 minutes out of hayward. and now here's our live look at the upper deck of the bay bridge coming into san francisco on the "s" curve. still very nice on the approach. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> boston is on the road to recovery. the area near the boston marathon finish line reopened to the public just a few hours ago. cbs reporter edward lawrence is in boston this morning. edward, investigators they have more details now. >> reporter: they are getting more details now that the suspect has been upgraded. interrogators are back inside his hospital room getting more information from him. he is apparently telling them reportedly the how and the why he attacked as the people in boston heal. the barricades came down early this morning on boylston street the site of last week's deadly marathon bombings. prior to opening the area, police escorted bombing victims to the scene for a private ceremony tuesday night. >> when you're face to face with the people directly affected and you see the bandages, you just feel what they feel.
for making us part of your sunday morning. you are looking out at foster city this morning and a few low clouds still hanging out this morning. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm garvin thomas in for kris sanchez. rob mayeda is here donning the team coordination. >> positive thinking here. as you can see, foster city got sunshine this morning and now what we do have are the low clouds may ring out a little bit of drizzle at times and mainly along the coastal mountains and around the peninsula and for the afternoon partly cloudy skies and best chance for seeing showers will come right after sundown and passing the south bay before most of us wake up tomorrow morning, but in the sierra we could see a half foot of snow come down later tonight. temperatures around the bay area hour by hour should be 50s to mid-60s and that will do it for today. no 80s on the map today, but that is in play as we head to the middle part of the week. >> it looks bet or you. >> no, it looks better on you. >> thanks, rob. >>> an update to a dwell evelop story in san francisco after two people were shot by p
lights are off. tops speeds up the upper incline index. >> no major delays towards foster city. >> south bound 101, the golden gate quiet for. over the construction approaching the waldo. local, dense fog for your ride out of the north bay. james. >> thank you erica. >> president obama will be visiting the bay area as part of a fund-raising trip. >> he will fly into sf o at 525 tonight and said his first fund-raising event at the home of ann and gordon getty in san francisco. the illustrated are expected to be there as well. the protest the keystone ex-l pipeline. he has three other fund raising event on the schedule before leaving the bay area. >> police in that are investigating an officer involved shooting. it happen around 8:00 last night on a kansas street near a home depot. napa up a special investigation bureau agents were conducting surveillance on a car in the area. searching for a man wanted on a no bail warrant. agents with up to the car and held three people at gunpoint. one of the men exited the car at a fight began between him and the aged. during the altercation, officers
and foster city. >> here on the san mateo bridge light traffic and does not look like anything to series behind me. we will keep an eye on how the weather and rain impact traffic this morning coming over some of the bridges. let us show you video from earlier this morning as i made my way down from tuscan cisco. light rain. nothing too terrible. --made my way down from san francisco. >> i did see some large bubbles on a one-for-one heading south. as we come back alive will keep an eye on the weather and rain this morning. >> i also have this water of beaker will put in the ground out. it is just after 430 we will see how much rain we get over the next few hours. >> very good mike. thank you for that. some puddles on 101. >> 880 seeing sundays and rain right now erica. >> that is right james. the entire stretch of the freeway from san francisco to where mike is in san mateo you can see the man from the band has reached the coast line. it continues to push east. we are contending with the heaviest rainfall the morning. we saw good amounts in santa rosa saw a quarter of an inch of rain. a z
of hayward to foster city. hire -- here is the map, avoid the san mateo bridge, use couple bar continue instead. [ cheers and applause ] >>> people on tv right now. lara, hold that thought. what you're listening to is one of the most famous game show themes of all-time. no. we're not going to call on you right now. good morning, america. we are playing game show confidential. give you the secrets behind your favorite game shows. a little dancing. >> a lot of dancing. >> let's get right to it. >> elizabeth is here. she grew up in germany. >> i did. >> let's go. come on. it's time to play "name that game show tune." >> all right. >> "name that game show tune." let's meet our lovely contestants. so -- no time. and are we ready? are we ready? here we go. you all have your buzzers. as they just proved. play the tune, please. ♪ maybe some. >> "the dating game." >> that's right. >> well, of course it is, josh, thank you. >> the original run from 1955 to 1973. one more. one more. here we go. all right, hot shot. ♪ you either need medical attention or you have the answer. lara spencer. >> "t
. >> the san mateo bridge is shaping up to be a typical ride for foster city. >> last but not least, southbound 101, the golden gate bridge. no worries for those of you coming out of marin county. >> james. >> thank you erica. >> our top story comes out of the south bay where a car crashed into a san jose home sending five people to the hospital. we have video of our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. it shows the seen from above the 5400 block of leigh ave. the accident yesterday afternoon involved to bmw's just a block away from the lee high school. kron 4 spoke with witnesses who say both drivers are students at that high school and were racing each other at the time of the crash. >> the silver bmw that the house loss control and hit the front of the red vehicle that hit the side of the intersection. >> of the five people injured. tour inside the house three were in the bmw. a woman in her '40's is in critical condition. kernite year-old daughter sustained not life-threatening injuries. police say both driver traveling at a high rate of speed. the driver of the red bmw was not serio
. the san mateo bridge has a 11 minute in route time. if this is from hayward to foster city. the golden gate bridge ride looks good 1 01 south bond looks the delay free. we will update some drive times for you. the drive time is still 13 minutes from hercules to berkeley. it is an easy ride to the south bay as you head out to cupertino from downtown san jose 1280.280. >> transit is still doing well this morning for ace train. we have not picked up any delays from central valley. >> a federal judge has ruled that the united states government must make the most common morning after pill available over the counter for all ages, instead of requiring a prescription for girls 16 and under. the decision, which is politically and socially controversy zero, off comes after a decade- long fight over. they said have access to the pill and under what circumstances. and human services secretary when 2011 overruled a recommendation by the food and drug administration to make the pill available for all ages without a prescription. >> here is a live look from our camera. we will be right back. [ man ]
watch for that. the san mateo bridge shows smooth traffic between hayward to foster city. >> developing news. each bay students go to school with heavy hearts and an important safety message after a fellow student was hit and killed by an amtrak train when playing a dangerous game. the high school is by the tracks, right? >> it will be a tough day. the tracks are across the street. here is the high school. here are the tracks this is in sap lorenzo. it happened around 6:40 during the evening commute last night. it was amtrak train 544 from san jose to sacramento. officials say the boy was with a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. it is believed they were playing chicken. >> i don't know what their definition of chicken is but usually when kids jump in and out of the way of passing trains on the track. i don't know how long they were being plaid on the tracks or if any other individuals were involved. >> officials have not released the bill's name or able. there were 133 passengers on the train. there were five crew members. an amtrak spokesman said this is a terrible tragedy but sa
bridges. highway 92, amid based transit now as you head over towards foster city, drive times look good but advisories' in place, especially for high profile vehicles. your ride to the dumbarton bridge is also affected. we have a live look from the toll plaza of the dumbarton bridge. at the bay bridge, no wind advisory but the metering lights are ready activated and started to back up and the westbound direction. the golden gate bridge ride is still pretty easy as you come in from marin county. >> the senate is set to begin in gun control debate this week , and a proposal to expand background checks on some gun buyers has picked up some key republican support. republican senator susan collins of maine says she will support the proposal that requires background checks for people buying guns and gun shows and on line, but exempts private gun sales. there's still some conservative push back. alabama republican jeff sessions told abc he does not think the deal will pass and complains that time gun laws are not adequately enforce. republican likely of utah cannot get behind it either. >> new
or foster city. >> our top story this morning. devastation and loss and as three people are killed more than 140 injured and bombings at the finish line of the boston marathon. >> three killed in clan and 8 year-old boy was watching his father won the race. his mother and sister were seriously injured. 144 injured, 17 of the critical, at least eight of the wounded are children. the delegates of the children is at 3 years old. the blast occurred near the ground, many of the victims lost their legs, or had serious leg injuries. no claim of responsibility. >> overnight law enforcement officers have searched the apartment in a boston suburb in the mess addition to the boston marathon bombing attack. here is that new video of the search. some investigators were seen early this morning leaving the home in revere, massachusetts caring brown paper bags, plastic trash bags and a duffel bag. so far, investigators say they do not have anyone under arrest or have a motive in the attack. >> we're waiting for a press conference to get underway as soon as it does we will have it live. >> witnesses describe
, delay free and 11 minute commute time to foster city. the ride to the golden gate bridge is also white mayor across the spanlight across thea fatal accident occurred this morning on mission boulevard but it is not having much of an impact from highway 238. >> double stories you're giving our eyes on, one man of arrested for is any poisonous letters to president obama. he will be charged with sending these rights and lease lende mil mentl problems. his wife says he is bipolar as probably not taking his madd's. he also sent one to roger wicker. >> we'll continue our live team coverage of the incidents unfold in massachusetts right now as the manhunt continues in boston. right now, walnut creek is looking good, we will be right back. at uatniversveity of phoenx we know the value of your education is where it can take you. [now arriving: city hospital] which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation.. with leading employers across [next stop financial center] i loi ve these shoes. but buwhen they start hurting, i haveha to take them off. until
the giants, with the top of the eight. and really nice night out there foster city, san jose and the 60s. and the sea breezes is picking up. with readings in the 50s. that is going to be the theme. with the exception of the a immediate coast. so, elsewhere is going to be warmer. clear skies. sunday getting up into the 8 monday looks warm and we will gradually see a cool with your forecast map. 3:00 p.m., high temperatures. the orange is indicating the 80s. through the north bay. and even locations near the bay. notice, the cooler readings along the coast. it will be sunny along temperatures will be 50s along the coast in the morning. with a low mid '80s. san jose, milpitas. 80s, mountain view. the same for fremont. the warmest will be inland and the east bay. readings in the 80s but they are just about 86 degrees in concord, danville. with mid upper 60s form hayward, san leandro. san francisco, mid-70s for the sunday. 74 degrees in oakland, 82 degrees. mid upper 70's for the peninsula. birling game. and here your kron 4 7 day around the bay monday, about this and we will be in the 80s in
are running between 16 and 18 minutes. the san mateo bridge, no delays or problems as you head over to foster city. the golden gate bridge ride looks good as you had to marin county for 1 01 southbound. >> 652 is the time and we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. i live look outside from our roof on van ness ave. the big story today is the heat. looks like you got 5% cash back usinusg your chase freedom card at lowe's this quarter. yeahye! i felt really good. ah! don't worry! yeah. we. 're good! activateva your 5% cash back at introducing nexxus hydra-light. hydra-light's formulas with light, deep-sea mineralsl give up to 80% mo% re moisturizationio that won't weigh hair dow dn. nexxus hydra-lighlit. raise your standard.r [ female announcer ] real fruit real tea leaves. and real honey.ey lipton tea & honey, it's all here. ♪ feel the refreshing taste of lipton tea & >> today is the first earth earth day. the first earth day on april 22, 1970 is credited with starting them modern environmental movement. it was the brainchild of democratic w
and drive time has increased by one minute. it is now 12 minutes of foster city. the golden gate bridge ride is a great through 1 01 and no delays across the span. the drive still looks good from the tunnel down to the doyle drive bypassed. >> will take a break, we will be are bacteri right back. >> the time is 6:57 a.m.. coming up one kron 4 morning news. we are just hours away from learning new details about the bay bridge bolts , which broke all the eastern span. it could affect the labor day opening. will have a live report coming up. >> plus a commemorative plaque has been stolen from at&t park. the giants are working with the acid test pd to try to find out when the plant went missing. >> coming up 7:45 a.m. we will be talking to gary about the warriors' a big win against the denver nuggets' last night. >> will be right back. >> will be right back. get 3 years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. >> will be right back. plus, get free delivery and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest-free for 3 event ends sunday! ♪ your ticket to a better n
of hayward into foster city. >> developing news from oakland where we expect to learn more today of a series of raids in the east bay by oakland police and the f.b.i. serving warrants at 16 different locations. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in oakland. >> we got new information overnight. this is what we know. it was an intense operation involving the f.b.i. and oakland police department and residents were very confused and some were forced from their homes. oakland police served 16 high-risk narcotics and weapons-related search warrants. police threw grenades into the apartment building at 7th last night in oakland and residents describe chaos. >> i heard the "boom." i ran outside. my kid was outside playing. i got to the lobby there were so many police in the lobby they put me up against the wall and asked if i had any guns and i said i was looking for my kid. police made several arrests and recovered weapons and drugs. no one was hurt in the operation. they worked into the night and does not wrap up until 1:00 o'clock this morning. they served warrants in hayward, san leandro and a
or delays. the san mateo bridge has no delays and the drive time is still led 11 minutes to foster city. the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound looks good and they have no delays. >> it is a day and presidential history. president obama and all of his living at you as president serves are gathering today in texapredecesg today in texas for the dedication of the president george w. bush as a library and museum. the center on of southern methodist university's campus in dallas, tx is complete. the library and museum spotlight key moments and some controversy all policies and decisions on the 43rd president's two terms in office. inside the library is a full-sized replica of zero office with its own rose garden and iconic items like the born off the president used to address first responders in new york post 9-11. the library and museum will open to the public and made a first. >> across the nation air travelers are experiencing an increase in delays because of forced federal spending cuts. fewer air- traffic controllers are reporting for duty because of the furlough days. now, many are wo
and quiet from hayward to foster city. we have construction at fremont headed along northbound 680, mission boulevard to highway 238 we have three lanes blocked. that is until 6:00 a.m. southbound 680 on the eastbound and westbound washington boulevard on-ramp, that will be shut down until 6:00. and headed westbound at 580 before greenville road we have a fender bender pulled to the shoulder. >> we begin with developing news, investigators have served a search warrant at the home wheren a 8-year-old girl was found stabbed to death over the weekend. a memorial is set up at the school 30 miles east of stockton. the young girl was found stabbed to death in a suspected robbery attempt at her home on saturday and an autopsy is scheduled for today. yesterday, authorities gathered fingerprints and d.n.a. evidence from the scene after door-to-door searches across the small town turned up nothing. >> doing a house-to-house search and some cases we are searching in at ticks and storage sheds. it is a difficult area to search being rural. >>the suspect is a white or hispanic man with a black shirt and
to the foster city area, this is 101 traffic which looks good as well, let's go back to the desk. >>> the search for a killer continues. an 8-year-old girl is stabbed to death inside her own home, alex savage is there and just spoke to the principal, alex? >> reporter: she tells me it will be a challenge to help me and the students at generally lynn elementary school understand what happened to one of their classmates. 8-year-old leila fowler killed in that bold attack which happened inside of her home and one of the maintenance folks here at the elementary school is putting up a message, you can read it yourself, it says we will miss you leila fowler. it was saturday afternoon when leila fowler was attacked. authorities say it was an intruder who came in and stabbed the little girl to death and took off and this morning that man remains on the loose. her brother was at home and came face to face with this man. so far authorities have not talked about -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ] >> leila fowler was a 2nd grader and those teachers are grieving as well as so many people who knew her. [
at the san mateo bridge. 14 minutes is the drive time out of hayward toward foster city. 101 and trimble, northbound looks good. i mentioned heading out of south san jose. there is some overnight roadwork but it's closer towards bailey and continuing towards coyote creek golf drive. they have a couple of lanes blocked. so far heading northbound up in towards santa clara everything is quiet in both directions near the trimble exit. and 280 and the guadalupe parkway are still all moving at top speeds. so once again here's a live look at the silicon valley commute. westbound 237 between 880 and 101 is nice and clear. six minutes east bay drive time so far no issue up and down 580, the nimitz or the eastshore freeway and i promised you a check of mass transit. so everything is so far good to go. bart systemwide on tune. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all on time. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> 4:44. new this morning, 5 people including the gunman were shot and killed during a shootout at an apartment complex upnorth say buets were flying when th
a very easy 14- minute commute out of hayward heading towards foster city. over at the bay bridge, i think they just wrapped up some overnight roadwork approaching the toll plaza. so once you get on the incline section and the upper deck everything looks great. this is a look at the "s" curve traffic heading towards treasure island still nice and light as we come closer to 5:00 this morning. elsewhere, southbound 880 there is some overnight roadwork approaching brokaw. here's a live look for the silicon valley commute. if you are traveling 237, everything looks good. excuse me. out towards -- out towards sunnyvale. and westbound 580 coming through the altamont pass, one of our usual spots to slow down, the westbound 580 ride was a mess yesterday after an earlier accident. fortunately everything is looking good at this hour heading towards pleasanton. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> the garbage strike from two weeks ago is back and this time it is expanded to other bay area cities. santa clara, milpitas and san jose are now among the list of cities where service is
is eastbound 92. both directions about 14 minutes right now between hayward and foster city. i mentioned a power ouge about customers or so without power right now. some of the cities impacted, san pablo, pinole, north richmond. now, i mentioned earlier there were thousands in the dark. it started around midnight or so. we still don't know the cause. but again, we'll continue to keep you updated. in the meantime, back to you guys. >>> more fire station cuts could be coming to contra costa county. supervisors will take on the issue later on this morning. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us live with more on what's on the chopping block. >> reporter: good morning. the president of the united professional firefighters of contra costa county says enough is enough and the organization is calling this plan unacceptable. currently as it stands, four stations have already closed in the past year and the new budget proposes two more closures for the upcoming fiscal year. staffing, although recommd at 365, only has room for 293. firefighters already say budget cuts could be the reason for delay
traffic" cameras showing about a 14-minute drive time out of hayward heading towards foster city. we still have some areas of overnight roadwork a lot of it being picked up in the next 20 minutes or so but if you are coming up the nimitz in oakland northbound 880 approaching high street, that's where you will find various lanes blocked. again, caltrans telling us 5- ish for the next 20 minutes or so they plan to pick up the cones. westbound 580 through the altamont pass so far no delay out of 205 and looks good all the way through the livermore valley. that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> a bogus tweet about a terror attack on the white house sent stocks into a tailspin yesterday. a hacker group is claiming responsibility for the fake alert that caused the dow to lose about 150 points almost instantly. the tweet was distributed through the "associated press" twitter page. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco to explain how a single tweet could hit the market so hard. cate. >> reporter: this whole incident left a few major takeaways. the first
transit 11 to 12 minutes currently the drive time or the foster city. the commute for the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound is delay free as you head in from marin would no problems of the county. >> and the news room, watching the latest item york city, construction crews are getting ready to put the finishing touches on were one world trade center. th putting the final pieces on top. there's a 408 ft. spire that will be a broadcast tower. this would be the tallest building in the western hemisphere. that last piece we put in place and it will give it be at iconic high of 1,776 ft.. it is a 104th floor at skyscraper that is expected to open in 2014. authorities discovering what they believed to be part of the landing gear up to planes that crashed into the two twin towers on 911. the size of the piece is 5 ft. by 4 ft. by 17 in.. authorities are shocked at the location of it, it is an aerospace just 18 in. wide, why to between two buildings, one of them, the site that the controversy of the islamic community center. the car was first discovered on wednesday by surveyors is possibly
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